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We provide vetted sales improvement resources to sales executives. Included are resources, technology, expertise, and rewards. 

Our network of experts is passionate about solving sales challenges for clients – from finding the best customers to guiding them through their deals. By working together we can achieve business goals in less time and at a fraction of the cost than buying other solutions.

From automation solutions to workflow tools, we’ve got solutions that work for your business. Let us help you get more out of every meeting!

Sales figures are constantly changing, but you know how hard it is to stay competitive? It's time to step up and get your people on the same page. That's why we created World Incentive Network – a company that will give you access to our specialists so that they can help you drive results fast!

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Do you want to improve your sales?

Grow your business and build a stronger relationship with your customers. 

World Incentive Network offers the tools, resources, and expertise for sales professionals to develop the skills needed to become outstanding sellers in the digital age.

We know that relationships matter, so investing in sales improvement is worth the effort.

World Incentive Network is specialized in helping sales executives improve their performance in their divisions and territories by offering quality sales improvement resources to help them close more deals and reduce costs while making the most money.

Resources, Expertise and Tools to Improve Sales Executive Business Outcomes

  • Lead generation

Find your website's anonymous audience.

Millions of high-value leads die at the website gate by failing to opt-in and you're losing out on potential sales - maybe immediately, or maybe in the future.

People don't want cookies, and Apple has already blocked 3rd party cookies, with Google following suit shortly.

Add to this, the rising cost of ads on social media and search engines, and marketers and sales executives are pulling their hair out while they try to figure out how to meet their MQL targets and their sales targets. 

What if there was a tool that could resolve the identity of up to 40% of your anonymous audience? (It's CCPA compliant and available in the US at the moment, with other countries coming online later). 

What if you could then retarget B2C consumers or follow-up with B2B customers?

Well, you can! 

With a pixel and an identity resolution system that uses first party data, you can increase your sales, and create better look-alike audiences to feed to the ad platforms, which lowers your ad spend.

We believe in performance-based pricing (when appropriate) and with this service you pay based on our performance.

It's truly a WIN-WIN, and game changing service.

Contact us today, before your competition does! 



Nice Things People Say About Us

Her ideas were always exactly what we needed, even when we didn’t know at first what we needed. 

Carol’s work with us was always top notch. I always felt comfortable allowing her to speak to senior management. Her ideas were always exactly what we needed, even when we didn’t know at first what we needed. I would work with Carol again in a heartbeat.



I enjoyed working with you and your wonderful staff.

…I wanted to thank you for your patience, time and of course, Tim Horton’s coupons at Christmas. I enjoyed working with you and your wonderful staff. …I was worried when Lynn left on mat leave. I couldn’t picture you finding a replacement that was as capable, as outgoing and as dedicated as her. But, you found Arlene, who is a real treasure. She has just been so wonderful, fun and just a delight to work with. 


SR HR MANAGER (retired)

There is an internal memo regarding the service of your business and how great you have treated us. 

Thanks!! There is an internal memo regarding the service of your business and how great you have treated us. I was happy to reinforce the memo to fellow colleagues. Thanks for your assistance,



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Frequently asked questions

What is World Incentive Network?

World Incentive Network Inc. is a BC based company, founded in 1996.  We are a full service incentive marketing and performance improvement company that creates, markets, and manages reward, recognition, and incentive programs.

As part of our services, we connect qualified buyers with vetted suppliers.  We do this as affiliates, value added resellers, consultants, and influencers.

Who Pays for Your Services?

We provide a variety of services including consulting, program design, program management, and marketing.  These services are paid for by the business who needs our assistance.

The suppliers listed in our directory pay us for marketing their business and selling their products or services.

What size companies do you work with?

The suppliers in the WIN directory have been chosen so that businesses of all sizes can find the best solution for their specific needs.

There are suppliers who cater to Mom and Pop businesses, small businesses, mid-market companies and enterprises.

Our role is to connect you to the supplier that is best suited for your business and its needs.

What do you do, exactly?

The WIN Directory is a marketing service for business performance improvement suppliers.  We enter into arrangements where we market, and sometimes sell, on behalf of the supplier.

We also work with the buyer to help them select the best option for their particular needs, whether it is simply recommending a supplier and making the connection, or combining a variety of suppliers to create a unique and customized solution.

If you need help to create, promote, and manage incentive programs or recognition programs, our specialists will take care of you.

And, if we're not a good fit for each other, with respect to your needs and our services, we will happily refer you to a better suited service provider.

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