How Healthy is Your Workplace Culture?

The Great Resignation and the pandemic have taught us that the workplace culture is critical to attracting and retaining great employees who are aligned with the vision and purpose of the business.  If your workplace culture hasn't been a priority yet, now is the time to adjust it, one step at a time.

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Your Workplace Culture Impacts Your Business Performance

Why Workplace Culture is Important

The most effective workplaces are those where people feel valued, respected, and appreciated. They enjoy coming to work, they want to stay long-term, and they're motivated by the company's mission, purpose, and values.

What is workplace culture?

Workplace culture refers to the shared norms, values, beliefs, attitudes, and expectations within an organization. 

The easiest way to determine the culture is to witness what happens if employees believe no-one is watching.  

How does workplace culture affect employee satisfaction?

Employee satisfaction is strongly correlated with workplace culture. When employees feel valued, respected, appreciated, and included, they're happier and more satisfied with their jobs.

Does workplace culture matter?

Yes! A strong workplace culture is essential to creating a great team and environment. 

Creating A Healthy Workplace Culture

The first step towards creating a healthy workplace culture is understanding the importance of communication. This means being aware of how employees feel about certain issues and making sure they know they matter. If people aren’t comfortable sharing information, then they won’t communicate effectively.

What Impacts Culture in the Workplace?

Communication plays a key role in building a positive workplace culture. It helps employees understand what others think and feel about important topics like performance reviews, pay raises, promotions, and layoffs.

It also allows them to share ideas and concerns without fear of reprisal. As a result, communication fosters trust between coworkers and builds strong relationships within teams.

How to Create a Positive Work Culture

To create a positive workplace culture, start by creating a clear vision of where you want your company to be in five years.

Then, set goals for each department, employee level, and individual contributor. 

Next, communicate this vision and goals to everyone who works at your organization. 

Finally, enforce the expectations -- and no-one is exempt (not the CEO or owner, not the temporary worker or the intern, and no-one in between.

Your Customers Care About Your Work Culture

The customer experience is critical to business performance.

You cannot have a great customer experience without having a great employee experience and culture plays a significant role.

If your customers feel like they’re not being heard, treated fairly, or valued, then it will affect their loyalty and future purchases.

If your employees feel like they are not being heard, valued, recognized, and appreciated, they won't care about your success or the experience of the customers.

On the other hand, if both your employees and customers know that your business is doing its best to provide an excellent experience for them, their engagement level will increase.  

Turbo charge this with stated and practiced values, vision, higher purpose and commitment to improving ESG, and you'll attract more of the ideal employees and customers who align with your organization.

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Culture is so crucial to success, yet many companies overlook it as an area that needs improvement. However, it doesn’t have to remain a mystery. Start today by improving communication, encouraging discussion, and helping employees understand and embrace your company’s new direction. The rewards will speak for themselves.

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