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Stakeholder Expectations Have Changed HR

In the midst of the Great Resignation, the Pandemic, the 4th Industrial Revolution, and an expectation for companies to add more value while reducing their negative impact, stand the heroes of HR.

Juggling the demands of the C-Suite, with the awakening of the workforce, and the pressures caused by a revolving door of employees and managers, HR professionals are expected to keep everyone happy, which is not an easy task (bordering on the impossible, at times.)

Managers and employees often do not see eye to eye, especially in times of change.

There’s no shortage of “wisdom” floating around – from books, podcasts, blogs, and conferences. But how many people actually take action? How do we know what works? What about the latest buzzword? Can I trust it?

With the right tools, and proper training, however, there is hope in this chaotic landscape.

HR professionals are the ones who inspire us to be better, the ones who encourage us to find new ways to improve ourselves and our organizations. They are the ones who help us realize that we can rise above the challenges we face, and that we can achieve greatness.

We believe that HR professionals are the key to unlocking potential in an organization, and creating a culture where people thrive.

But, how do we get there? What does it take to become a hero in the eyes of our people? How do we inspire them to be better? How do we create a culture of excellence where everyone wants to come to work every day?

WIN has created award-winning products and solutions  that target employee engagement, retention, and productivity since 1996.

We offer a vast array of innovative, high quality programs, tools, and resources designed specifically to engage employees and leaders in leading their organization to success.

These programs are designed to provide a variety of benefits, from financial rewards to fun activities, to motivate and inspire team members to achieve maximum results.

And our WIN Marketplace has vetted, tested suppliers who can further enhance your people performance results.

Beverley, the senior HR manager for a VAR technology company, was faced with a challenge.  Employee engagement and productivity were declining and targets were not being reached.  In her role, she was responsible for setting policy as well as guiding managers to become better at communicating powerfully and effectively with their reports.  

She contacted WIN to get help to bring her solution to life.

Within the framework of a Peer-to-Peer recognition program, where employees could nominate each other based on the core values of the organization, managers would learn who was being recognized, and for what, and then add their own messages of appreciation and recognition, with a dollar value attached, when warranted.  

The program was so successful in terms of employee engagement scores, and feelings of being seen and appreciated, that the budget was altered, along with some guidelines for overly-generous managers.

Peer to Peer recognition resulted in a certificate being emailed to the employee, which they then printed and pinned on their workstations.

The Manager to Employee recognition certificate, along with reward, were presented by the managers during staff meetings.  The certificate was framed and the reward was points which were redeemed in a gift card catalogue, which enabled employees to choose the brands that mattered to them.

The top recognition stories were also escalated to senior leadership, for additional appreciation.

The program remained highly successful and the organization became one of WIN's most valuable customers for many years.

On a visit to their headquarters, the senior HR manager introduced us to her staff, and we heard first-hand the heart-felt appreciation the employees had toward their peers, managers, and leadership team.  It certainly helped the WIN team to create even more ways to leverage the program.

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Performance Management Tools Every HR Pro Should Know

The most important thing to know about performance management tools is that they’re not one size fits all. They should fit into your organization’s culture and workflow. Some tools will be easier to implement than others, but it’s important to understand what each tool does so you can choose the right tool for your needs and WIN can help you select the combination of tools and services that's best for you.

Working Smarter: Strategies for Improving Business Productivity

The key to working smarter is to focus on what matters most. By focusing on the right metrics, you can identify which areas of your business need improvement. This will allow you to make changes that will lead to improved performance.

  • Focus on what really matters
  • Get better results faster
  • Improve productivity
  • Grow people
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Create change

Measures that Move Companies Forward

The key to any successful program is the measurement of success. It is important to measure the impact of your efforts and ensure that they are aligned with your goals. This will allow you to determine whether the program is working and if it needs to change.

Innovation and Learning Perspective: Can We Continue to Improve and Create Value?

The world has changed dramatically since the first edition of Carol's Guerrilla Tourism Marketing book was published with a focus of improving profit by leveraging relationships and technology.

Companies now have access to information at lightning speed and they must adapt quickly to stay competitive. In addition, we live in a connected world where people expect companies to provide them with instant gratification. If they don’t, they will find someone who does.Stakeholders -- from investors, to customers, employees to suppliers, and the community at large - are increasingly expecting organizations to add more value, while reducing their environmental footprint.  HR's role includes ensuring that the correct people are in the correct roles and that the tasks they are being asked to do are aligned with the values, vision, purpose, and strategy of the organization.  Continuous improvement is the way to do so in a sustainable manner.

What is Continuous Improvement?

Continuous improvement is a philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement of processes, products, services, and systems. It involves constant innovation, experimentation, and adaptation. The goal is to continuously improve quality, efficiency, and effectiveness and the plans that we create are designed for short-term wins and long-term success.

Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

A study by Gallup found that companies with engaged employees outperform those without. Companies with engaged employees see higher productivity, lower turnover, and improved customer satisfaction. They also experience less absenteeism and presenteeism, meaning they’re more productive at work than if they were sick or injured.

The Balanced Scorecard Links Performance Measures

The concept of a balanced scorecard (BSC) was introduced in 1992 by David Norton and Robert Kaplan, who took previous metric performance measures and adapted them to include nonfinancial information.

  • How do customers see us? (customer perspective)
  • What must we excel at? (internal perspective)
  • Can we continue to improve and create value? (innovation and learning perspective)
  • How do we look to shareholders? (financial perspective) Source

A balanced scorecard is a tool used by organisations to measure performance across four dimensions: financial, customer, internal processes and learning and growth. It helps managers understand what they are doing well and where improvements could be made.

What is an OKR?

OKRs stand for objectives and key results, a goal-setting methodology, pioneered by John Doerr, that can help your team set and track measurable goals. His framework pairs the objectives you want to achieve with the key results you’ll use to measure progress—so your goals are tied to your team’s day-to-day work. 

Nice Things People Say About Us

Her ideas were always exactly what we needed, even when we didn’t know at first what we needed. 

Carol’s work with us was always top notch. I always felt comfortable allowing her to speak to senior management. Her ideas were always exactly what we needed, even when we didn’t know at first what we needed. I would work with Carol again in a heartbeat.



I enjoyed working with you and your wonderful staff.

…I wanted to thank you for your patience, time and of course, Tim Horton’s coupons at Christmas. I enjoyed working with you and your wonderful staff. …I was worried when Lynn left on mat leave. I couldn’t picture you finding a replacement that was as capable, as outgoing and as dedicated as her. But, you found Arlene, who is a real treasure. She has just been so wonderful, fun and just a delight to work with. 


SR HR MANAGER (retired)

There is an internal memo regarding the service of your business and how great you have treated us. 

Thanks!! There is an internal memo regarding the service of your business and how great you have treated us. I was happy to reinforce the memo to fellow colleagues. Thanks for your assistance,



“Carol, well, the last day has arrived, my office is empty….. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your patience, time and of course, Tim Horton’s coupons at Christmas.  I enjoyed working with you and your wonderful staff.  As I told Arlene the other day, I was worried when Lynn left on mat leave.  I couldn’t picture you finding a replacement that was as capable, as outgoing and as dedicated as her.  But, you found Arlene, who is a real treasure.  She has just been so wonderful, fun and just a delight to work with.    I wish you and Incentive Depot success and perhaps, if I’m in your neck of the woods, will drop by to meet these wonderful ladies. Beverley”

“Ms. Wain, I would like to tell you that I received fantastic service from Susan during my reward redemption process. Susan always responded to my e-mails promptly, courteously and with the requested information. On a couple of occasions, she proactively contacted me to see where I was in my decision making process.  Thank you and thank her. Cindy”

“I have worked with Incentive Depot since we implemented our service recognition program with them in January 2003.  The team we work with, Carol Wain and Lynn Truby, are always responsive to our needs and our employees’ needs.  Lynn responds personally to our employee’s questions and they really seem to appreciate that.  The selection of rewards they have to choose from are extensive and cater to all different interests.  In fact, we are currently discussing options to expand our program to some of our non-US practices.  We would recommend them if you are looking for a service recognition administrator,”  Swati

“All I have time for now is – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.” Beverley

“Lynn, You are plain AWESOME. I would love to have the Waterford Crystal Lismore ships decanter. Also, Lynn is there anyway I can send a note to your supervisor for the wonderful and extra length you have gone to make sure that I get the perfect thing that I have wanted. I will really would like to send a note to someone for this. Thank you so much. Please go ahead and order for me the ships decanter.  Thanks Racy”

“I very much appreciate the extra effort Lynn put in to finding an alternate reward for me. When my first choice was unavailable, instead of directing me back to the catalog, Lynn went the extra mile by contact the vendors to find a numerous alternatives to suit my preference. The whole experience was top notch and above any expectations. A big thanks to Lynn. Mary”

“Hello Lynn, Hey, that’s great news!! I can soon re-live the moments of being a kid with a walkie-talkie again. Thanks again for your excellent and efficient customer service!!!  Don”

“Lynn, thanks so much for your help in securing this reward.  I am confirming immediately that I would like the Canon S50 for my 15 year service level reward.  Thanks again.  Joy”

 “It was a pleasure working with you and Carol as well.  Best wishes and much success in the future. Best Regards, Rob”

"Again, thanks, and it has been a pleasure working with all of you.” Beverley

“Fabulous.  This is so helpful.  We appreciate your partnership.” Theresa

“Thanks so much for your efforts on this one Lynn, greatly appreciate it!”  Laura

“Thanks for being so helpful.” Amanda

“Thank You, Arlene,  I appreciate the update. You have been quick and responsive considering other customer service departments. Although the item was not in stock, I appreciate the honest response.  Please feel free to forward this to your manager. Sincerely, Richard”

“Arlene, thanks, I just ordered it.  Thanks for your prompt replies and action to get a gift that I would like to have.  I appreciate it. Regards, Bob”

“Arlene, I did receive my Service Award (Ring) and it is BEAUTIFUL!  Thanks very much for all your assistance.  Today is my first day back to work and I’m wearing it!” Teen

“Hi Arlene, YES!! I have received my camcorder yesterday. All the credit goes to you. Thanks.” Suman

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Frequently asked questions

What is World Incentive Network?

World Incentive Network Inc. is a BC based company, founded in 1996.  We are a full service incentive marketing and performance improvement company that creates, markets, and manages reward, recognition, and incentive programs.

As part of our services, we connect qualified buyers with vetted suppliers.  We do this as affiliates, value added resellers, consultants, and influencers.

Who Pays for Your Services?

We provide a variety of services including consulting, program design, program management, and marketing.  These services are paid for by the business who needs our assistance.

The suppliers listed in our directory pay us for marketing their business and selling their products or services.

What size companies do you work with?

The suppliers in the WIN directory have been chosen so that businesses of all sizes can find the best solution for their specific needs.

There are suppliers who cater to Mom and Pop businesses, small businesses, mid-market companies and enterprises.

Our role is to connect you to the supplier that is best suited for your business and its needs.

What do you do, exactly?

The WIN Directory is a marketing service for business performance improvement suppliers.  We enter into arrangements where we market, and sometimes sell, on behalf of the supplier.

We also work with the buyer to help them select the best option for their particular needs, whether it is simply recommending a supplier and making the connection, or combining a variety of suppliers to create a unique and customized solution.

If you need help to create, promote, and manage incentive programs or recognition programs, our specialists will take care of you.

And, if we're not a good fit for each other, with respect to your needs and our services, we will happily refer you to a better suited service provider.

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