Business is changing rapidly -- expectations, technology, marketing, sales, global events, the climate and the nature of work have all evolved rapidly.  

World Incentive Network has been working with businesses of all sizes for over 25 years.  From HR and operations, sales and marketing, engagement and sustainability, we provide strategy, tools, resources, and rewards to improve your business performance.

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Human Resources

Regardless of the size of your organization, you will find HR resources that will help you to tackle the big challenges facing many organizations, specifically the expectations of employee.

There are many excellent resources in our marketplace, designed for HR professionals to enable you to improve your employee engagement, retention, appreciation and recognition, wellness programs and so much more.

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HR Resources

If you are committed to creating a business legacy that is positive for employees, customers, suppliers, community, and the planet, we are here to support you -- whether you are looking for a supplier or are one.

25+ years ago, Incentive Depot was launched as a directory for businesses who were looking for specific solutions to their challenges and we connected business leaders and managers with the suppliers who were best suited for their unique needs. 

It was a WIN-WIN situation because our clients were looking for the best solutions, and because we were supplier agnostic, we could recommend based on client needs not our wants.

  • Microsoft was our first client.
  • The Agency of Record for Mitsubishi contacted us for a reward for a national test drive campaign and we delivered.
  • A multinational Fortune 50 company contacted us for a HUGE recognition and incentive program, which was simply too big for us to deliver, so we referred them to an incentive provider better suited to their needs.
  • And throughout the years, many clients have produced the results that they expected -- and then some -- with a combination of our consulting services, technology, and rewards.

As needs changed and suppliers iterated, closed, and launched, we evolved too.

WIN created its own incentive management software, and a number of brands to support clients, a couple of which flopped, most of which didn't.

With tenure in an industry that can propel your business in ways your competitors can't even imagine, WIN recognizes that the role that is best suited for our skill sets and passions, is one where we can offer advice, strategy, and management that our brands specialize in, while we mix and match vetted suppliers who are committed to helping you to achieve your business targets in an ethical, sustainable, and engaging manner without your need to go "shopping".

WIN is here to reinvent business and transform lives and we're doing it by supporting clients and suppliers who can make this happen.

We'll source suppliers, do due diligence, ask hard questions, ask your questions, and get you what you need to excel and we ask the suppliers to pay us for the referral, so you don't pay a penny more than you would if you did all the research yourself.  

If you need assistance for growth strategy from a marketing, HR, sales, or operations perspective, our specialists can provide their insight to create a strategy, plan, program, and campaigns designed for sustainable and profitable growth, engagement, and with a commitment to improving your ESG outputs.

By clicking on the Marketplace Link, you'll see the areas / swim lanes we operate in.  

WIN has helped businesses of all sizes figure out what they actually need - which is sometimes what they think they need but often is something a little different - and then help create a plan to bring it to life. 

Our goal is to make YOU, the person who hires us, look good, and that is our "super power" because we'll help guide you along the way.

So... what is your biggest need right now?

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Small Business Resources

Whether you own or manage a business with 5 employees or up to 100 employees, you'll find resources such as services, rewards, and technology which will help you to improve your business outcomes.

There are many excellent resources in our marketplace, designed for small businesses, and they enable you to compete nimbly with your competition for both customers and employees.

The progress in the recent years has been incredible and the tools that are available now are extremely powerful, yet affordable, for small businesses.

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small business


“... Since working with Carol I have received a 30% increase in business in just 2 months and over 60% more contact from potential clients!

I am so grateful for all Carol's help and professionalism. 

100% recommend for anything marketing related.  I won’t be going anywhere else!!”

Laura F small business owner

about us

We've been told we're a breath of fresh air... challenging the status quo and reimagining ways to help our clients for over 25 years

Since 1996 we have been challenging the status quo in the incentive industry.  

We launched with nothing more than a dream and a website and Microsoft was our first client.  

Our founder was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003.

Then we developed an incentive program management software and we created a global network of incentive company providers to service multi-national clients.

But something wasn't sitting well.  The industry was all about selling the sizzle -- the rewards -- and not about the results. 

As with most industries, it was time for a reinvention and we were eager to be part of it.  

A few iterations later, we changed our name and our focus to be more aligned with people, planet and profit.

As part of our transformation, we added more brands that complement each other and help our clients with a one-stop-shop for performance improvement, customer experience, employee engagement, sales and marketing.  We changed our business model too.  

We decided to focus on working side-by-side with other business leaders and managers to become more sustainable as they pivot quickly to remain relevant and/or optimize on opportunities.

Our Purpose is to reinvent business and transform lives and we're living on purpose each day.

So, after 25 years, we've come full circle and we're once again using our network to help clients and suppliers find each other.

Whether you are a business leader or manager looking for a supplier, or a supplier that is seeking to help businesses excel, we can help.


Discover how we make a difference with your company

Today, creating and sustaining a high-performing workforce is a top challenge for most companies.  The combination of multiple generations in the workplace, pressure to do more with less, keep employees engaged and productive and external pressures is keeping executives and the C-Suite up at night.

Our approach is to understand your vision, Purpose, core values, strategy and goals, and your challenges.  Then we drill down to the root of the problem, look at what works well and what could work better, then we create a plan that positively impacts the entire organization while specifically addressing unique needs within a department or region.

Then we come up with campaigns and initiatives which often includes an incentive and/or recognition program to help inspire stakeholders to embrace change.  

Each organization is unique, so it's part science, part art, part push and part pull and we design the plans accordingly.  It's exciting to have wins along the way to keep people inspired too! 

For years we've been told we are a breath of fresh air and we all could use that these days!

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Nice things people say about us

Carol’s work with us was always top notch. I always felt comfortable allowing her to speak to senior management. Her ideas were always exactly what we needed, even when we didn’t know at first what we needed. I would work with Carol again in a heartbeat.



…I wanted to thank you for your patience, time and of course, Tim Horton’s coupons at Christmas. I enjoyed working with you and your wonderful staff. …I was worried when Lynn left on mat leave. I couldn’t picture you finding a replacement that was as capable, as outgoing and as dedicated as her. But, you found Arlene, who is a real treasure. She has just been so wonderful, fun and just a delight to work with. Beverley.



Thanks!! There is an internal memo regarding the service of your business and how great you have treated us. I was happy to reinforce the memo to fellow colleagues. Thanks for your assistance, Richard.


participant in an incentive program

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